Alumni, SigEp Blog

Homecoming 2013

By Colin Walls ’16

Sig Ep’s Homecoming weekend 2013 proved to be a tremendous success. Starting with the induction of our newest class of Sigmas on Friday night, the festivities started early. After conducting the Sigma rite of passage, brothers partook on the now traditional welcome round of nine holes. This year’s class is promising and most of them shot par. We managed to have nine houses available from brothers for the festivities, and alumni and actives alike had a blast. Brotherly love was ubiquitous. The next day followed the customary homecoming tradition of a complete boycott of the football game, which proved wise considering the 55-24 defeat that Princeton had in store for our warriors. Festivities started early, with Burdick’s home serving as an embarking point. Later in the afternoon, Pink House welcomed a massive party with the infamous Saloun Band serenading the group. It was great to have so many alumni in attendance along with the new brothers and in all it was an ideal afternoon. Made us all damn proud to be part of SigEp.

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