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Homecoming 2014

GU SigEp was proud to welcome back over 30 alumni brothers for homecoming on October 26. We started the weekend with a chapter at which several alumni were present and we enjoyed an Epsilon presentation by current brother Andrew Arbeeny (MSB ’15). We then had a gathering at 3338 Prospect, at which, expectedly, far more alumni were present. The next morning started with the tailgate at 11 am where both current and alumni brothers were found in plenty.


Brothers Tim Tsai (’13), Jeff Wray (’11), Jake Ripp (’13), Jake Pressman (’13), and Zack Hubbard (’13) at the Homecoming Tailgate

Properly adhering to Georgetown tradition, no attention was paid to the actual football game, as Pink House’s classic barbeque held much more sway. Serving as perhaps the largest party Pink House has had to date, alumni and brothers alike had a fantastic afternoon in weather that was far too comfortable for late October. Starting with the roast of a pig that seemed too large to actually have lived, the party went on into the late afternoon, and we hardly had any trouble with our friendly local SNAPS officer. From Jeremy Cairl’s lederhosen providing a hint of Octoberfest to Marc Byrnes’ (MSB ’16) dogged commitment to those classic rock songs that everyone miraculously knows the words to, the vibe at this year’s party was perhaps the best we’ve had, and it did Pink House proud for its last homecoming.

Jeremy Cairl ('13) and Jack Maher ('17)

Jeremy Cairl (’13) explains the power of the lederhosen to Jack Maher (’17)

In all, it was a great weekend, and seeing so many alumni back made us undergrads proud of where our fraternity has come thus far, and, more importantly, it helped us connect with brothers that can’t ever come back enough to the Hilltop.

– Colin Walls (’16)