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North by South: Brother Matt Aronson’s Startup

I recently launched a pocket t-shirt company called North by South. It was a very exciting moment for me and for those who helped me in the business development process as we saw a lot of hard work culminate into a fully operational business. However, the work that went into this company started long before its launch and continues to challenge me as we look to grow as a lifestyle brand. We offer t-shirts with a custom pocket fashioned from neckties, offering our customers the opportunity to mix formal and casual clothing and dress up while dressing down. The brand is all about expressing your individual style, feeling and looking good in everyday clothing, and associating with the class of days gone by. I have used much of what I’ve learned in my classes as a guideline, but most of my experience operating this business so far has been through learning and adjusting on the fly. I have gained invaluable experience in marketing, branding, sales, supply chain management, sourcing, and organizing and leading partners and personnel. It’s a very busy yet exciting time for me as I continue to promote and build the North by South brand, and the brothers in Georgetown SigEp have given me a support system to enable the growth of my company. – Matt Aronson

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