Andrew Rudy Real Estate Epsilon Presentation

A new initiative that we at SigEp Georgetown are starting is uploading summaries of the Epsilon presentations given by some of the leaders of the fraternity. The diversity of subject matter speaks to the wide breadth of extracurricular engagements in which Georgetown SigEps are involved, but also the caliber of men who comprise the fraternity.


I am a Senior in the MSB double-majoring in Finance and Management and minoring in Psychology. I am also on the Men’s Golf team.  Real estate has been part of the conversation in my life for as long as I can remember. In fact, it’s in my blood.  My Dad has a built a 30-year career in real estate services. Throughout his career, he touched every area of commercial real estate; development, agency leasing, acquisitions, tenant representation, capital markets and then finishing his career in tenant representation.  My Dad’s brother (my uncle) also built a career as a real estate developer and investor in Texas.  Their father owned a portfolio of real estate investments. I always felt comfortable knowing that commercial real estate was one of the potential paths I could enter post-graduation but I was certainly open to other things.


In reality, like most kids, I had no idea what my true passions were when I was a freshman.  I didn’t even know what people on Wall Street did until Junior year when all of my friends were putting more hours into networking with the banks than their school work.  In my own head, I never made the logical to step to say “this is why I want to give banking a try…”. Thus, my guiding principle as I entered the job search phase of my life was simply to marry my skills with my interests.  In that search, I found commercial real estate to be the right space for me (my interest) and taking it a step further, I wanted to use my finance education (my skill) to start my career.  Consequently, I have dedicated myself to finding opportunities within real estate capital markets.  This is considered a somewhat niche area to start a career in real estate.


It is quite humbling to be in SigEp at Georgetown.  As I look back on my four years here I think of all the amazing clubs, groups and passions brothers had in addition to being great members of this fraternity.  Now, I am excited to keep in touch with everyone as I am sure many brothers will be accomplishing astounding things in the coming years.

Andrew Rudy

McDonough School of Business

Class of 2017