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SigEp Abroad and at Home

Coming into SigEp, I didn’t really understand how incredible the network would be. I’m not even talking about the nationwide network of SigEps, who may want to hire you, or the alumni we have who want to meet you, but just the guys that are in school, right now. I really appreciated this when I went abroad. Brothers study in so many different places, different continents, countries, and cities, giving you the opportunity to visit many more places than other people (it’s pretty cost-effective to stay with a brother rather than a hotel).

This never hit harder than when I was in Barcelona, visiting SigEps for Halloween. We went to La Sagrada Familia, one of the most beautiful churches in the world, and were just awestruck at the size and grandeur of the building. Myself and a few other brothers found ourselves lost in the discussions about the architecture, and stained glass, and the incredible story of Antoni Gaudi. That’s when I realized how incredible it was that I had found a group of guys with whom I could spend the day appreciating the beauty of Barcelona, and spend the night having some of the best nights of our lives.

I think that’s the hidden beauty of what SigEp at Georgetown really means. This is a group of guys who are smart as hell, and can still go out until 4am in a new Spanish city. There’s a lot of organizations that can promise you friendships, or professional opportunities here at Georgetown. But the process by which SigEp selects people is different; it brings together and amazing group of guys, all of whom you can absolutely be proud to be brothers with. I had an incredible time while studying abroad; and whether it was in exploring the streets of Morocco, partying in the tents at Oktoberfest, or celebrating my birthday in Dublin, my experience was made because of brothers. And it’s not only abroad; you’ll find on campus the same sort of experiences. There’s always people to go play pickup with, go into DC with, or even talk politics with. It’s an amazing group, and one that I’m damn proud to be a part of.

Written by Daniel Rosenberg (SFS ’18)