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Rush Guide Fall 2017

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SigEp’s recruitment process is atypical for a fraternity. This blog post is meant to show first, how the recruitment process goes; second, what we look for; and third, why it’s different.

Most fraternities follow a simple vote-with majority rule, where after a series of events, all the guys will congregate and simply vote for prospective brothers, deciding whether or not to accept them. Here at Georgetown SigEp, we do things differently. Instead, we have an eight-person recruitment board, headed by the Vice President of Recruitment, and voted on by the whole fraternity. They represent the eighty brothers in the chapter, and decide together on the new class for a given semester. These eight brothers attend every rush event, and work to get to know every rush on a personal level. We’ve found that this is a very effective strategy; these eight brothers can make deeper connections than the entire fraternity, and make sure that every bid we give out is a good fit.

In addition to the Recruitment Board members, the opinion of the entire chapter guides us to our decision as well. We listen to stories from non-board members about specific prospects in open deliberations, so that every brother’s voice can be heard. After an info session and a few rush events, the recruitment board works with the entire fraternity to do first round cuts; a few more rush events happen, and then the recruitment board works together to decide on the prospective class.

What do we look for? In a sentence, all the brothers in SigEp care about developing themselves as people. There’s no one-size-fits-all, but the we pride ourselves on being social students who are looking to improve ourselves and our community. It’s a little bit of a cliche answer, but it’s true. We have brothers from all manner of different backgrounds, and we have brothers pursue all kinds of different careers. The one piece of advice for a rush? Be yourself. Don’t fake your personality, because we’ll be able to tell. Don’t try and be the loudest one in the room if you’re used to being a bit more shy, and don’t try and “get your time with the board.” If you come to the events, we’ll make the effort to get to know you. Check us out in Red Square during syllabus week, stop by our table at the activities fair, and come to our info session. It can be hard to open up to people, but rush is as much about you making sure that you feel you fit in with us.

SigEp nationally holds the motto “This Fraternity Will Be Different.” At Georgetown, we’re forced to be; we don’t have permission to be university-recognized, so we make our name known in other ways. We’re in the capital of the country, and keep ourselves busy in this kickass city by giving back in different ways. We’re more unique and, to many, the perfect substitute for the typical fraternity that Georgetown doesn’t support.

If you’re interested in rushing SigEp or learning more, check out our recruitment page to meet the board, and look back for updates on our Fall 2017 rush schedule, and as always, reach out to if you’ve got questions.

Eric Menna, VP of Recruitment, SFS Class of 2018