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Why SigEp?

Everyone is nervous about how they will fit in socially once they get to college. It’s incredibly daunting to go to a new place, with new people, away from home. I can remember wondering how I would find my group of friends, and wondering if I could ever replicate the friendships I had made over my 18 years in New York. I’m happy to tell you, though, that you have nothing to worry about; eventually, you’ll find your niche at Georgetown, whether it’s with SigEp, or one of the other amazing organizations on campus.

When I got to school, I knew I was in Darnall, and I had heard that people in that dorm got really close, but other than that I knew nothing about the social life here at Georgetown. In terms of a larger friend group, I was lost. Would it come together organically? Would I have to seek it out? Where would I find it? I asked myself these questions constantly the first week of school. And then I got an invite to the first rush event. A barbecue on the front lawn. I won’t pretend that I wasn’t nervous. I immediately started talking myself out of going, saying that I wouldn’t like them and that they wouldn’t like me, and that it wasn’t worth taking time out of my day. Luckily, my roommate convinced me to go.

I can say without a doubt that going to that barbecue was the best decision I made at Georgetown. Within minutes I felt a bond among the brothers on that lawn. It was immediately clear how much they liked each other; how much fun they had together. This was the group I was looking for. I decided right there that I had to rush.

I can barely imagine what my Freshman year would have been like if I didn’t rush. I never a reason to be scared about finding friends or finding plans. Whether it’s just a couple guys to play Fifa with, or get-togethers every weekend, I’m never without a place to go. Even more than that, I have made friends now in almost every other group on campus, through my connections in SigEp. I am living with 4 of my best friends next year, all from my pledge class. Sigma Phi Epsilon is a unique group at this school. I can tell you that no matter who you are, it is worth at least giving rush a try; you might just find your brothers like I found mine.

Sam Silverman, College Class of ’20