race route UPDATED

1. Start on Copley Lawn, where we will have an inflatable start/finish line setup.
2. Run Towards the main gates, and turn right towards the John Carroll statue at the main gates.
3. Run straight between Healy and Copley until the road naturally turns left under New North.
4. Run behind Dahlgren Chapel until the road ends in front of New South. Turn right.
5. Run down the hill towards Leo’s and turn right in front of Leo’s.
6. Run towards Harbin field and turn right in front of the field.
7. Run towards the McDonough Gym and turn right towards Yates.
8. Run up the hill until the Hotel and turn right at the Hotel.
9. Stay close the building on the right and continue straight until you reach the Henle detour.
10. Turn right into the detour with the orange detour barricades on your left.
11. Continue through the detour making left towards Reiss
12. Continue behind the ICC and continue straight at the construction choke point – do not turn into Red Square.
13. Continue behind White Gravenor and follow the road naturally to the right after White Gravenor.
14. Run straight onto the Copley Lawn grass, with the wall on your left.
15. Continue straight until you reach the main gates.
16. If you intend to run, finish the loop a total of three times.
17. On your third loop, turn right into Copley Lawn as you reach the main gates and finish at the inflatable finish line.
18. If you intend walk, turn right into Copley Lawn and finish at the finish line after your first loop.