President: Sam Silverman

For Luke-5

Sam is a senior in the College from New York studying Classics and Government. A true intellectual, Sam is sometimes compared to Varys from Game of Thrones. Maybe it’s because he resembles a spider or because he seemingly knows everything. I guess we’ll never know.


VP of Recruitment: Penn Conrad

For Luke-7

Penn Conrad is the Vice President of Recruitment for the Fall 2019 rush cycle. A senior from Charlotte, NC, he also bags groceries at Vital Vittles and boasts the most fundamentally sound jumper on SigEp’s IM basketball team. Interests include Cam Newton’s surgically repaired right shoulder and being superior to Keith Jarrett in every way. He has watched every video on YouTube, twice.


VP of Programming: Chris Pace

For Luke-3

Chris is a senior in the MSB from New York. He studies finance or something boring like that. Just like his predecessor Dan Remondi, what he lacks in height he makes up for in heart. Chris plans all of SigEp’s most important events from retreat to formal and everything in between.


VP of Communications: Jack Keeler

For Luke-2

Jack is a junior in the college from Washington DC and this is a bad photo of him. He studies history so you can ask him about anything that ever happened and he will know. He is a member of the Georgetown Club Rugby team, but you couldn’t tell from looking at him. Hearing him speak will bring tears of joy to your eyes, which is just what you would expect from the VP of Communications.


VP of Finance: George Ferridge

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George is a junior in the College studying Economics and Psychology because he likes how people think but wants the chance to make money. He’s from London, England (as opposed to London, Kentucky) and has the accent to show for it. When he’s not busy handling your money, you can find him playing for the club soccer team, eating beans on toast, and definitely never feeding into British stereotypes.


 VP of Member Development: Keith Jarret

For Luke-8

Keith is a senior in the college from Nebraska. He’s a wholesome Midwesterner who loves his mom just as much as he loves farming. As VP of Member Development Keith works to implement new Sigma, Phi, and Epsilon challenges and improve the Balanced Man program.


VP of Philanthropy: JB Cerulli


JB is a senior in the college from Boston, Massachusetts studying Economics. JB is your classic annoying Boston sports fan who idolizes Tom Brady and Mookie Betts. If you get him started on the Patriots you will regret it, but he raises so much money for charity that we’ll allow it.


Chaplain: Bobby Kiernan

For Luke

Bobby is a senior in the SFS from Pittsburgh. As crazy it may sound, Bobby could once dunk on a 10-foot hoop. You can still catch him on the court from time to time, but instead of dunking, he’s rebounding for his girlfriend while she shoots free throws. As Chaplain, Bobby oversees all rituals and enforces chapter bylaws.