President: Tyler Wiik

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 11.22.43 PM.pngTyler is a Senior in the College from Boston, Massachusetts studying Math and Economics. Ask him about his perfect combover or his girlfriend of two years. Don’t ask him about the Patriots or his glorious high school sports career.




VP of Recruitment: Travis Baker

Sigep Composites-43.jpgPenn is a Sophomore in the MSB from Charlotte, North Carolina studying Finance and International Business. A southerner by Georgetown standards, his claim to fame is quitting high school basketball the season before his team won the state championship. Don’t worry though, because he is super not salty about it.




VP of Programming: Dan Remondi

Sigep Composites-42.jpg

Dan is a Senior in the College from Boston, Massachusetts. He studies Economics and Philosophy because he wants to be a corporate sell-out but with morals and stuff. Some people peak in Middle School. He certainly did not. I’d tell you he went to Prague in the fall but you probably know that already.


VP of Communications: George Ferridge

Sigep Composites-38 (1).jpg

George is a Junior in the College studying Economics and Psychology, because he likes how people think but wants the chance to make money. He’s from London, England (as opposed to London, Kentucky) and has the accent to show for it, so it makes sense he’s in charge of communications. When he’s not busy communicating, you can find him playing for the club soccer team, eating beans on toast, and definitely never feeding into British stereotypes.


VP of Finance: Joseph Cheniae

Sigep Composites-11.jpg

Joe is a Senior in the MSB from Dallas, Texas. Also a southerner by Georgetown standards, his job is to shoot down Dan’s proposals that would bankrupt the chapter. He has control of the Sig Ep credit card, but unfortunately that is far less fun than it seems. He is working at Lazard next year, but he promises he is so much more than just another investment banker. His long-distance girlfriend also requests it is very clear on the website that her “sweety pie” is taken.




 VP of Member Development: Luke Sheridan

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Luke is a Senior in the College from Darien, Connecticut. He shocked/terrified everyone in this quaint finance-driven New York suburb by choosing to study Arabic and Physics at Georgetown. He is a girlfriend guy who plays rugby but also wears Birkenstocks. Not sure any other description can encapsulate him better than that.




VP of Philanthropy: Michah Griffin

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Michah is a Senior in the College from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but also from California, Saipan and Washington D.C., depending on the day of the week. Michah is the worst combination of incredibly athletic, relatively unskilled and extremely confident, which makes playing sports with him an interesting experience. But he raises a ton of money for charity, so I guess we’ll allow it.





  Chaplain: Joel Dunoff

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 11.45.07 AM.png

Joel is a Senior from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania studying Computer Science and Economics. He is 5 foot 10, plays piano, and won a hackathon in Hong Kong. He also played shooting guard for Lower Merion High School, the former stomping ground of Kobe Bryant. Try and reconcile those things, because we sure can’t.