Spring 2020 Recruitment

Rush SigEp and become a brother in Georgetown’s oldest social fraternity. We welcome outstanding men from all walks of life and encourage anyone who shares the virtues and values of our fraternity to rush. As a balanced man chapter, all brothers are held to the highest standard in their pursuit of academic, athletic, social and spiritual excellence. If you are eager to develop as an individual, as a friend, and demonstrate a willingness to carry on the tradition of Sigma Phi Epsilon and Georgetown University, we have a place for you.

Find our Spring 2020 schedule – but please note that dates/times are subject to change as necessary. Feel free check our Facebook page or shoot us an email with any questions! We will update as more information becomes available.

If you have any questions about SigEp, the recruitment process, feel free to reach out to our Recruitment VP, Anthony Rufo, at We look forward to seeing you soon.

Spring 2020 Schedule

rush schedule


Spring 2020 Recruitment Board


Anthony Rufo — VP of Recruitment

Born and raised in the beautiful town of Escondido, CA, Anthony Rufo is the VP of Recruitment this semester.  His FIFA skills and unmatched chirp-ability make him a consensus Top-5 Hang in SigEp. On campus, he used to be involved in Club Soccer, used to be involved in HMFI (the non-profit that chipped his front tooth), and is currently telling people he’s an executive in Corp IT. Anthony’s mother describes him as “someone who looks like they use Bing instead of Google” and “full of potential”. Despite being from Southern California, Anthony does not know how to swim. We’re all deeply worried about him.

For Luke-5

Sam Silverman

Sam is a senior in the College from New York studying Classics and Government. A true intellectual, Sam is sometimes compared to Varys from Game of Thrones. Maybe it’s because he resembles a spider or because he seemingly knows everything. I guess we’ll never know. Despite this, Sam spent 2019 as the President of SigEp, making this current semester on R-Board in many ways, a demotion.


Sam Marguleas

Hailing from Los Angeles, Sam Marguleas is a Junior in the MSB serving his fourth semester on Recruitment Board. He’s majoring in finance, but has also snagged an English minor to convince himself he’s not a corporate sellout. Alongside Anthony Rufo, he hopes to bring some West Coast flair to this Northeast-dominated board. Outside of SigEp, he whips up the finest chai tea lattes this side of the Mississippi at the MUG coffee shop on campus, and was somehow put in charge of ordering Coca-Cola products there, which is a frightening amount of responsibility to put in his hands.


Tyler Stapleton

Tyler Stapleton is a Junior in the College from Freeport, New York majoring in Government and minoring in Theology. Being from New York, he’s a huge Yankees fan (and unfortunately a Knicks fan but doesn’t like to admit that). Besides being frequently questioned about his height and if he’s in the MSB, Tyler is known for being a washed up defender on the SigEp intramural soccer team and a regular at Wingo’s. No, he’s not on the Georgetown basketball team, as you can tell by his subpar post play. His family does not own Staples, but they are frequent shoppers. He is looking forward to serving his third term on the Recruitment Board this spring.

For Luke-9

Michael Sanseverino

Mike Sanz is a (generously listed) 5’8 sharp shooting, ultra-athletic combo guard that hails from New Jersey (how unique). He claims his closest player comparison to be “JJ Redick’s shooting ability combined with LeBron’s athleticism”. This is Mike’s 3rd time serving on the recruitment board, making him a veteran presence. When asked how he’s been able to remain in his prime for so long he responded, “load management. That is all.” Unlike other members of the recruitment board, Mike isn’t impressive enough to be in cool things on campus like GUSIF, GUASFCU, or the Corp. Instead, mike spends much of his free time pumping iron, shooting hoops, and breaking fellow recruitment board member Charlie Carter’s ankles at Yates (which he’ll swear never happened, but it did).


Matteo Palacardo

Matteo Palacardo, the R-Board’s resident Italian, joins us from New York City. As the hairiest on the Recruitment Board, Matteo enjoys many confidential privileges. On campus, Matteo likes to run from class to class to improve his anaerobic metabolism; good thinking Matteo! In terms of interests, he is a man of many hats — he loves fossils, solving escape rooms, expensive artisan hot sauces, books about the Alamo, uncles, shoes that don’t fit properly, social anthropology, the women’s accessories and home decor store “Anthropologie”, jewel-encrusted goblets, bugs, the Office (British version). Matteo is serving his third semester on R-Board, and his favorite movie is Baby Geniuses 2.

paul headshot

Paul Hadchiti

Paul is a sophomore in the MSB, and is stoked to be on the Recruitment Board for the first time. Pseudonyms on the court include “Baby Giraffe”, “The Gazelle”, and “The Biggest Chanel Bag in the Store”. At a whopping 6’6″, he claims to be able to dunk on a good day (there has never been a good day). Don’t let his lack of facial hair fool you, he is a trilingual Lebanese boy that uses hummus as shaving cream. He claims his most emotional connection is shared with his best friend Stella. She’s a baby blue Ultimate Driving Machine and boy can he fondle her stick.

charlie screenshot

Charlie Carter

Charlie is a freshman in the SFS trying to get a dual degree from the business school because he wants to make some money too. From Chicago, he is a disciple of America’s team: The Chicago White Sox. Unless you want to see him cry, don’t bring up the 2017 NFL Draft, specifically the 2nd and 10th picks. After getting hip surgery because he ran too many circles around a track, Charlie has definitively become an old man. But like Uncle Drew, he will still shred your ankles at Yates. On campus, he’s a part of Hilltop Consultants, an SAT tutor for students who made the unfortunate choice of picking Charlie as their tutor, and a proud member of the NBA 2k20 gambling community. This is a first semester serving on Recruitment Board.