Fall 2018 Recruitment

Rush SigEp and become a brother in Georgetown’s oldest social fraternity. We welcome outstanding men from all walks of life and encourage anyone who shares the virtues and values of our fraternity to rush. As a balanced man chapter, all brothers are held to the highest standard in their pursuit of academic, athletic, social and spiritual excellence. If you are eager to develop as an individual, as a friend, and demonstrate a willingness to carry on the tradition of Sigma Phi Epsilon and Georgetown University, we have a place for you.

Find our Fall 2018 schedule and Recruitment Board below – but please note that dates/times are subject to change as necessary. Feel free check our Facebook page or shoot us an email with any questions! We will update as more information becomes available.

If you have any questions about SigEp, the recruitment process, feel free to reach out to our Recruitment VP, Travis Baker, at georgetownsigep@gmail.com. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Spring 2018 Schedule

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Spring 2018 Recruitment Board

Fall 2018 Recruitment Board
Travis Baker


Travis Baker is the Vice President of Recruitment for the Fall 2018 Rush cycle. Despite his above average height, he never played a varsity sport in high school after multiple try-outs. Although sports weren’t his forte, he has transitioned into an academic pitbull for his senior year at Georgetown. This will be Travis’ fourth semester on the Recruitment board, and somehow he’s still not fed up with talking to freshman guys at rush events.






Asher Curnutte


Asher Curnutte is a Sophomore in the College majoring in Spanish and looking to pursue minors in English, Theology, and  Environmental Studies. Asher is a rare southerner, from Nashville, TN. He loves sweet tea, barbecue, and music. He is a forward on the Georgetown Rugby team. And when he’s not showing off copious amounts of thigh on the pitch, he’s fueling up on DC’s finest meals as a member of the Eating Society. You can also find Asher serving grub at the Tombs where he is a mostly competent server. His goals include retiring to St. Lucia to become Captain Jack Sparrow, being a stay-at-home Dad and bringing good country music to Georgetown. Asher is looking forward to his first semester as a member of the Recruitment Board.



Liam Fleming


Liam is a senior in the MSB studying Finance and Theology. He is originally from New York City but currently resides in Aspen, CO. He has also lived in ~14 other cities that not many of his brothers know about, but sometimes find it cool. Despite Liam being an average white basketball player with average hops, he somehow managed to become the president of Club Basketball. Liam is also involved in GUASFCU and a small investment group on campus, GPS. This is Liam’s first semester on the recruitment board, and he is looking forward to meeting all of the new rushes.






Aiden Jones

Aiden is a diesel powered, 5’11” stretch four from the nice part of New Jersey (he swears that exists). Serving his second semester on R-Board, he hopes to mix experience and a high recruitment IQ with youthful exuberance. Outside of SigEp he works for the Hilltop Microfinance Initiative, plays in the up-and-coming band, “back to yours”, and can sear the best Ahi Tuna on campus.





Sam Marguleas


Hailing from Los Angeles, Sam Marguleas is a sophomore in the MSB serving his second semester on Recruitment board. He plans to major in finance, but he has also snagged an English minor to convince himself he is not a corporate sellout. Alongside Anthony Rufo, he hopes to bring some West-Coast flair to this Northeast-dominated board. Outside of SigEp, he whips up the finest chai tea lattes this side of the Mississippi at the MUG coffeeshop on campus, and was somehow put in charge of restocking the cream cheese there, which is a frightening amount of responsibility to put into his hands.






Anthony Rufo


Anthony Rufo is a Sophomore in the MSB from San Diego. Despite his proud SoCal roots, he does not surf, skate, or honestly even swim well. In high school he was a star soccer player, but has modified his skills in college to become the greatest FIFA player SigEp has ever seen. Outside of SigEp, he works at the Hilltop Microfinance Initiative, an organization that chipped his tooth to welcome him to the team. This is his first semester serving on recruitment board.





Mike Sanseverino

FullSizeRender-1Mike Sanz is a generously listed 5’8 pass-first point guard who hails from Central New Jersey, which he swears exists. He claims his closest player comparison to be Lonzo Ball, but with a better jump shot. Mike enjoys spending his summers on the beaches of the jersey shore, showing off his “flow” and honing his spikeball and disc golf skills. Mike is a sophomore in the MSB majoring in finance and accounting and minoring in government. Unlike other members of the R Board, Mike is simply not impressive enough to participate in any other on-campus activities, however you can often times find him joining the track team on runs throughout DC showing off his pale thighs in his 1” short shorts. This is mikes first semester serving on R Board and he is excited to show the organization what he brings to the table in hopes of acquiring a contract extension for next semester.




Tyler Stapleton

21543974_10211223068912181_2489381795510523294_oTyler Stapleton is a sophomore from Freeport, New York majoring in Government and minoring in Science, Technology, and International Affairs. Being from New York, he is a huge Yankees fan, and unfortunately a Knicks fan, but doesn’t like to admit it. Besides being frequently questioned about his height and if he’s in the MSB, Tyler is known for being a washed up defender on the SigEp intramural soccer team and a regular at Wingos. No, he’s not on the Georgetown basketball team, as you can tell by his subpar game on the court, and his family does not own Staples, but they are frequent shoppers. He is looking forward to serving his first term on the recruitment board this fall.